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Star Trek 2009 prequel arrives on iPhone

Star Trek always an event. Especially now, that the whole universe is about to be "restarted" while maintaining the canon of Gene Roddenberry, of the television series from 1966, of the ten films released so far, of the countless books and comics and role-playing games and videogames produced to tell the biggest and most complete saga in science fiction history. Therefore, a small tribute on the iPhone could not be missing.

Waiting for more substantial games dedicated to the house phone with the Apple to land, which – we remember it for the youngest – was also an "exceptional guest" with the first Macintosh in the 1986 film "Star Trek IV Return to Earth" , a very interesting initiative arrives. Four volumes of eighty comic strips in digital format. Four episodes of the "prequel" (first episode, second episode, third episode, fourth episode), that is the preface to the story of the film directed by J.J. Abrams who will be released in Australia on May 7 and then in Britain and the US on May 8. Surprisingly, a preview of the film was shown on April 6 at a fan meeting held in Austin, compared to the preview scheduled at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

The story on the iPhone is more than pleasant. Each of the volumes costs 79 euro cents (to be read in sequence: the first, second, third and fourth), allows you to follow the stages of the story that takes place in the future of Star Trek post-Nemesis (the last film released), involving an elderly Spock ambassador on Romulus and the characters of Next Generation (the Enterprise of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who in the meantime also became ambassador …). This is the digitization of the version for the American comic book. Unfortunately, the Italian translation does not yet exist. The digital version of good quality, there are three ways to browse the pages (scrolling, fading or page effect) and you can quickly scroll through the tables of each episode that can only be used with the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

The yield on the small screen and the overall reduced size of each book are good and favor "travel" consumption. For example, the writer downloaded them to have fun on a two-hour train journey between Milan and Florence: late at the station and without time to buy the newspaper, the download worked well even during the train journey, the surrender good and you can also use the iPhone's iPod mode to listen to your favorite comic book soundtrack. The very low cost makes the operation more than justifiable, even if you cannot "lend" or give the comic to any friend, as is characteristic for all digital that has DRM rights management constraints.

A note on comics: wanted to link the Star Trek canon with the new inventions by JJ Abrams, it was created by the Italian artist David Messina, with the colors of Paolo Maddaleni, Giovanna Niro and Ilaria Traversi. Here the Messina blog

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– first episode – second episode – third episode – fourth episode