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So spoke the father of Linux.

So spoke the dad of Linux. logomacitynet1200wide 1

In an email interview with Peter Galli of eWeek, Linus Torvalds delves into the topics of the latest releases of his creature's kernel: Linux. Recently we have focused, says Torvalds, on the infrastructure area, for example IDE devices now support l 48-bit addressing for very capable hard disks. USB 2.0 another important step forward, currently implemented in version 2.5.x of the Linux kernel, not yet released, and we will soon make sure that this option is transferred to the recent kernel 2.4.x even before the release of 2.5.The management of multiple CPUs, over 8, has been enormously improved, but many other aspects are still under study, it all depends on what will be the most pressing needs that we will face in the coming months. It is important for us to listen to what the developers tell us but we also take care of the problems that users report. This has been a priority of the 2.4 kernel and in future versions will remain an increasingly central constant. Scalability for enterprise users is a factor that we have started to address in the 2.4 kernel and will find its maturity in the versions of 2.5.x, for which it does not there is a fixed calendar.We still don't know if the next major release will be 2.6, characterized by incremental changes, or 3.0, which can be defined as clustering.Linux is a very solid system and the fact that it is decidedly cheaper than competitors is not the fundamental reason for choosing , even in this period of crisis, of companies such as, for example, Amazon which, of course, have not sunk in debt for this, but have found the solution to their needs in Linux. In October Torvalds decided to include in version 2.4 .10 of the Linux kernel a new management of virtual memory, the code that was written by the Italian programmer Andrea Arcangeli of the Californian SuSE.Alan Cox, second in order of importance after Torvalds, not approving the choice did not include this code in the final 2.4 kernel, showing some points of disagreement with Torvalds. Both, Cox and Torvalds, declared themselves available to integrate the Italian code. ”In future versions without further specifying the times.

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