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Snapchat launches a Bitmoji cartoon

Bitmoji TV will be the animated series featuring the avatars of the users of the application. For now it is known that it will arrive in February, with many expectations

Snapchat announces Bitmoji TV (source: Snapchat)

From February 2020 lavatar Bitmoji of Snapchat will become the protagonist of a cartoon series full-motion, renamedBitmoji TV. Bitmoji were born like avatar cartoon, to be created with an application initially linked to Facebook that allowed to generate comics starring user avatars. In 2016 Snapchat purchased the Bitmoji company, Bitstrips.

Until now, Bitmojis had been used primarily as stickers in chats, and had made some appearances in short, customizable comic strips, but in fact they had never been given much importance, relegating them to a simple Snapchat feature.

Now, with the creation of original animation episodes focusing on Bitmoji, everything changes: starting from February next year, Snapchat will create a new format based on the user's avatar, which will become protagonist of a customizable animated series.

Bitmoji Tv will allow the user to insert his avatar into a set of programmed adventures, together with that of his friends. As we said, the animated series will allow the users themselves to be the protagonists of the episodes: for example, their own Bitmoji will play the role of the captain of a spaceship, a secret agent or a zombie.

The format of the episodes will be the one with a vertically oriented screen typical of Snapchat, but at the moment the social network has not wanted to reveal more, leaving users in suspense until February.

Bitmoji animation will be better than that provided so far by the social network for avatars, which only saw backgrounds animated in a rudimentary way. User avatars will animate in a style that is very reminiscent of the animation of South Park, thanks topreset patterns that will be customizable based on the avatars inserted within the episode.

Duration, number and frequency of episodes are currently unknown information, but certainly the success of the show will depend a lot on the quality of the script of the single episodes. Not being able to rely on high animation techniques, Bitmoji TV will have to focus heavily on the quality of the story in order to keep its users active and interested in the product.


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