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Smart Froc, a smart seat that grows with the baby and tracks the weight

Smart Froc, smart seat that grows with the baby and tracks the weight

The Smart Froc child seat is decidedly smart, a child-friendly chair that grows with it and above all capable of tracking its weight thanks to the sensors built into the seat and unapp. Smart Froc a product designed in Slovenia that combines design, functionality and hi-tech that is about to become reality thanks to a campaign on Kickstarter.

The seat, born from the need of a couple of designers to find the most suitable seat for the baby on arrival and capable of responding to their needs, a wooden stool that rests on one leg and on the ground on four arms, stable and with a neat design and linear. Two characteristics of this seat: the chair grows with the child (it rises and lowers to guarantee the possibility of being at the right height on the table and the height of the footrest and the brightness of the armrests can be changed) and monitors its weight using technology. If the first characteristic quite common on the market, a novelty is the second characteristic of the seat: sensors are mounted inside the seat which, via bluetooth technology, speak with an APP and communicate in real time the changes in weight to the mother: the weight appears on the display of the child and a graph showing growth. Its recommended use from six months to ten years. In short, Smart Froc has all the credentials to become the object of desire of anxious mothers who no longer know what tricks to resort to weigh the older ones and to avoid having doubts about the growth of the little one at home, they have to remember.

Smart Froc can be supported on Kickstarter for another 22 days. The delivery is scheduled for next April and is expected to cost around $ 299.

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