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Sarabanda (x) on iPhone and iPod touch

Sarabanda (x) on iPhone and iPod touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

For the nostalgic of Sarabanda, the music quiz once broadcast on Italian TV conducted by Enrico Papi, the Sarabandax program arrives on iPhone and iPod touch, which aspires to reproduce (also in graphics) the atmosphere of the television game.

The program puts users in front of their musical knowledge through three types of riddles; users will be able to try to guess the songs by challenging the game and testing their knowledge.

The most interesting novelty is that the game includes a database of about 500 tracks, which over time can be expanded; in fact, the release of new music packages is expected to extend the list of songs on which the tests will be based.

Sarabandax available on the App Store by following this direct link to the iTunes Store page; the cost of the application of 2.99 euros.

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