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Roxio, OK quarter

Roxio, OK quarter logomacitynet1200wide 1

Multimedia authoring is one of the fastest growing sectors of the entire IT sector. This is demonstrated by the explosion of CD-RWs and burners in general and by yesterday also the profits of Roxio.The company specialized in burning software and known to the Mac "people" for its Toast has indeed posted really interesting financial results especially if compared to the period that remains lackluster. The turnover was over 32 million dollars with a profit of 3.4 million. Both data are higher than last year. To be precise, the turnover increased by 8 million dollars and the profits of approximately one million dollars. During the quarter, Roxio also started the purchase of all the shares of MGI Software, a company that deals with digital media. Also during the quarter, Roxio also formed a partnership with Pressplay and provided its technologies to RealNetworks for use with RealOne Player and created a team for enterprise software. Profit growth, according to Roxio's statements , would be due to the robust demand that arose during the Christmas shopping.

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