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Quickoffice: an Office for iPhone and iPod touch

Users who first experienced the joys and also the pains of the first handhelds and smartphones know the name Quickoffice because for years it has represented for the world of mobile devices what Microsoft Office on desktop and notebook computers. For iPhone and touch Quickoffice offers full compatibility with Microsoft formats for Word text files and Excel spreadsheets. In particular, it allows you to create, modify and transfer to and from iPhone / touch the Word .DOC files and Excel .XLS files in MS Office formats from 1997 to the 2003 version, while for the new DOCX and XSLX versions of 2007 only possible the visualization.

As for the processing of texts via Quickword, the user has the functions of cutting, copying and pasting not only within a document but also between different documents. The practical and simple to use interface allows you to double tap to select a whole word, or a triple touch on the screen to highlight the entire paragraph. To eliminate the need to continuously scroll left and right, the program automatically re-paginates the text when the user sets a new zoom level. In addition to choosing the font, Quickoffice allows you to insert bold, italic and also to set the font size. As expected from any writing program, Quickoffice offers buttons to cancel and re-insert the corrections and changes made to the document, and it also automatically performs the Auto-Save and Auto-Restore functions.

For the management and processing of spreadsheets, the user has Quicksheets. The possibilities of creating, editing and exchanging files are similar to those seen for Quickword, ie editing for XLS format files in Office versions 97 to 2003 and only view for XSLX files in Office 2007 version. In editing l The user can touch and slide the height and length of the boxes to change their size, while it is possible to choose the italic font, bold font, the background color of the cells and the font color. As far as numbers are concerned, the management for accounting, currencies and coins with symbols and decimals. In addition to the possibility of inserting rows and columns, formulas are supported, also the matrices.

The third component of the suite called Quickoffice Files and allows you to exchange documents to and from iPhone / touch and computer via remote access via MobileMe, email and Wi-Fi. For users who have an active subscription with MobileMe, it is possible to access iDisk online from Quickoffice, while for all Mac and PC users it is possible to transfer files and documents via Wi-Fi. In addition to managing the movement of files, Quickoffice Files allows you to create new folders on iDisk, save documents on paperback to view and edit them offline, rename them and view most file formats.

The developers report that among the new updates that will be released free of charge for Quickoffice users, there is the possibility of seeing the pocket as a hard disk via Wi-Fi connection, with the possibility of cut and paste type operation between iPhone / touch and the desk of the computer, the ability to send and forward remote files without the need to download them to the pocket first.

Quickoffice works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.1 and we remember that it cannot manage the iWork 09 files. It can be purchased from this App Store page at a price of 15.99 euros.