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Pre, launch on May 17th?

Pre, launch on May 17th? logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is a date for the launch of the Pre: the expected Palm phone that is expected to undermine the iPhone market may arrive on May 17th. The indiscretion leaks from Phone News a site specialized in telephony which cites in support of its thesis the information collected directly by Sprint, the mobile operator who will handle the sale in the USA.

According to internal Sprint sources, the carrier would have frozen the holidays of the clerks who operate in contact with the public in the days before and after May 17, the date of announcement of the availability of the phone.

Should Sprint not be able to have a quantity of Pre sufficient to satisfy the foreseeable great demand of the first few days, the launch could be delayed by over a month. A new window would open on June 29th. The latter date could present an interesting scenario because it would most likely bring the Pre in direct comparison with the new iPhone. Late June and early July are the most reliable days for the market launch of the new generation of Cupertino phones.

On 29 June, however, also the second anniversary of the launch of the original iPhone, the Edge, and the date would be strategic because on the same day the two-year contract that binds iPhone buyers to At & T would expire and Sprint could try to "Making money" on the event. In reality at the moment the chances that Apple will arrive at that crucial date without having at least announced the new phone and also to open the pre-orders for the device, are very low. In Cupertino commercial suicides have never been seen in the last few years and that represented by an Apple that at the expiration of tens of thousands of contracts does not present solid reasons, or a new product, to encourage the renewal of the same, would be the perfect suicide .

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