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Powerbeats4 are already on sale without Apple announcement

The advances on the net do happen, never for an Apple product not yet announced on the shelves, as is happening in these hours for the new Powerbeats4 earphones already on sale in some stores in the United States.

The sighting of the Powerbeats4 on sale took place over the past weekend at some Walmart stores in New York. Some photos of the sales package published on social networks show the renewed design of the sports earphones, with the flap around the ear to keep them more firmly in place. As anticipated in the past few days, they are offered in three white, black and red colors. Still on the packaging, in the upper left corner, an inscription screams autonomy for up to 15 hours, one of the main features expected, also anticipated by the rumors that have already emerged.

Powerbeats4 specs leaked before the Apple announcement

Interesting the price of the new Powerbeats 4 on sale, offered at 149 dollars. In the absence of an Apple announcement, not yet released while we are writing this article, it is not clear if it is the official list price, this is because the previous model Powerbeats3 in the US list at 199 dollars. If the displayed price were confirmed it would be a reduction of 50 dollars compared to the previous one.

Recall that the autonomy improved up to 15 hours thanks to the Apple H1 wireless chip, the same already used by the Cupertino multinational for the most recent AirPods, which reduces energy consumption, improves Bluetooth connection times and also reduces audio latency. Thanks to this chip, the Hey Siri function can also be used to activate the Siri voice assistant via voice, without having to press a button.

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