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Philips Hue Bridge 2 brings Siri and Homekit to Hue lamps

Philips launches Hue Bridge 2. As announced last month, by purchasing the new accessory, Philips Hue owners will be able to enable the use of Siri and control the bulbs remotely. It works like the previous Bridge: it can be connected up to a maximum of 50 bulbs and includes Homekit support, thanks to a certified MFI chip inside, thus ensuring the operation of its products with Apple technology also in the future.

Users will be able to say EhiSiri, turn off the lamp in the bedroom to let the system run the command completely independently. With the voice commands you can also create real lighting scenarios of the rooms, an example the command Hey Siri, set my house in night mode, thus turning off the lights and closing the entrance door with a single command.

With the voice you can also adjust the brightness of a bulb for example by reducing it by 10%, or change the color temperature of a certain light to give another tone to a room. Philips Bridge 2.0savailable as an accessory for $ 59, or sold in kit with the new Hue lamps for $ 199 starting tomorrow, October 6. In some countries you can exchange the old bridge by withdrawing the new one at a cost of 40 Dollars instead of 60.

The offer will also be available in our country.

Simultaneously with the new bridge Philips introduces new Hue lamps (colored) with power up to 800 Lumens instead of the previous 600 (corresponding to about 60 Watts versus 45 Watts) and new Lux lamps – now called Hue White (white light) at costs that do not exceed the $ 15 in the United States. We will let you know the prices and offers soon also in our country.

Obviously Hue remains compatible with all home automation systems that are able to take advantage of its API and the possibility of remote control via IP.

philips bridge 2

philips bridge 2