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OpenEmu, the best old Mac games emulator


Download OpenEmu, the best old Mac games emulator

Today I point out an interesting and fun program for your Mac. It's calledOpenEmu and today represents the best emulator of old Mac games.

OpenEmu compatible with practically all the main consoles launched in the 80s and 90s and, to date, the best emulator available for Mac operating system. Let's get to know this fantastic program together, available completely free of charge.

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<p style=As we said, OpenEmu the best emulator for Mac.OpenEmu was born from the ashesNestopiaand required several years of work: now, for,OpenEmu finally available for download for free and all Mac users can try it.

First of all, let's see which games can be emulated and started via OpenEmu.

In fact, the program is compatible with the following consoles:Game Boy(ColorisAdvance)NeoGeo Pocket,NES,Sega Genesis,Super Nintendo,Nintendo DSisAtari. As easy to see, there is practically no console that is not supported by OpenEmu. We don't find only those from the 80s and 90s, but even the most recent ones like Nintendo DS for example.

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<p style=OpenEmu allows you to start all the games compatible with the consoles listed above and, very importantly, if you don't feel comfortable playing with the mouse and keyboard, know that you have the opportunity to use manyphysical controllersUSB and wireless, such as Nintendo remote controlsWiiisWii U Pro,orthe controllers ofXbox 360,PlayStation Dualshock 3isDualshock 4,Sega Saturn,Retrolink SNESisN64, the gamepads fromLogitechand many others.

Use OpenEmu really very simple and immediate and all Mac userseven the less experienced ones will have fun playing with the titles that made video game history just a few years ago.

The OpenEmu interface very simple and clear to use, all the commands are at hand and all you have to do is simply get the ROM of the game you want to try and start it. Just to make you understand how easy it is to use OpenEmu, the program manages the ROMs in thesame way in whichiTunesmanages album covers: it will be very easy for you to add new ROMs and manage those already present in the collection. To add new ROMs inOpenEmu all you have to do is drag them inside, with a simple drag-and-drop: nothing easier, right?

Very interesting to note, then, that the first time OpenEmues automatically scans your hard driveMac:in this way it manages to search, find and detect any ROMs that you have previously downloaded and automatically adds them to its database. In a few moments, you will be ready to start your games and start having fun.

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<p style=In conclusion, therefore, we can say that OpenEmu sports acaptivating design in iTunes style with the various cassettes in Cover Flow, supports an incredible number of controllers and can emulate a large number of 16-bit consoles, includingGame Boy,GameBoy Color,Game Boy Advance,Game Gear,NeoGeo Pocket,Nintendo Entertainment System,Sega Genesis,Super Nintendoand more. Really a great program, certainly the best emulator of old games and old consoles for Mac.

If interested, you can download for free from the official website.

Links: http: //

I remember that if you don't know how to get the ROMs of your favorite games, you can register for free on the Pleasuredome website.Pleasuredome currently the reference tracker for this kind of material.

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