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Nostalgia operation: Myst will return to iPhone and touch

Nostalgia operation: Myst torner on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Myst will also be available for iPhone and iPod touch. The name of this video game probably tells young people little, but for old Mac users the re-proposition of Myst is certainly a news to be underlined in red.

The universe created by the Miller brothers has marked an era that is not only playful but also technological. Just think that according to someone, probably with good reason, it was Myst, the first CD game, that pushed the Macs towards the optical player. But surely Myst excelled for the ability to create an atmosphere like few other titles until then: a mysterious island where time seemed to stand still, surreal and dreamlike settings and a complex story that the player had to discover and solve in a solitude also inner. Reflection, observation skills and a slow and peaceful pace of play are now being tested: Myst still able to seduce the tastes of modern iPhone users? This is the first thought that we formulate by observing the YouTube movie that shows a preview of how the game works on the Apple multi-touch pocket.

Difficult to answer. What we can say that from the video that we report at the bottom of this article, Myst for iPhone and touch is an absolutely faithful conversion to the progenitor of the series that follows. Instead of moving the mouse, a more immediate tap on the screen is sufficient. The world of Myst still represented by the beautiful though static pre-rendered screens. The atmosphere you breathe is therefore identical to the original. No doubt many passionate gamers will want to have a copy on the iPhone and touch for a relaxing dip in its mysterious and fascinating world. Then this is enough to regain the heart of the old fans of Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar also another speech; even more complicated to understand how many will be left out of this mythology to be incentivized to rediscover the world of the mysterious lost island only because it lands on iPhone and iPod touch.

All that remains is to wait for the release of Myst whose launch date has not yet been specified.

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