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No Windows, no Party.

No Windows, no Party. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The name of the last (only in chronological order) virus / worm for the "cousins" Windows users of "My Party".

There are no trumpets, pastries and plastic cups with the names written in felt-tip pen but sadness could pervade anyone who uses a Wintel PC like this kind of condominium parties. It seems that "My Party" was born from the fervent imagination of a Russian teenager, given that it does not infect PCs with Cyrillic keyboards but it fights on those who ignore that .COM not only a popular suffix on the web but also a command that could easily be performed on remote PCs thanks precisely to "My Party". Here is the text of the email message you receive “Hi, My Party… it was absolutely fun! Attached my page with photos! If you can print my color photos. Thanks! ”Needless to say, this worm does not touch our Macs, acting on the various versions of Windows.

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