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New Telegram update: news for stickers, invitations and improvements for …

The now popular and widespread messaging app Telegram, received in its usual update occurred during the weekend, of the new features in invitations, in chat mentions and in the stickers interface. Let's see in detail the features of this new update!

Telegram brings in its latest update several new features that further improve chat features

Given the now huge amount of stickers that populate the Telegram container, it is certainly very easy to lose track of what we are interested in using immediately during a conversation with our friends, Telegram therefore has well thought of adding the possibility of mark stickers as favorites that we often use. These will be shown in one section equipped with an icon with a star and placed in the part higher of the sticker panel.

Regarding the groups instead, those composed of more than 100 members can now choose a official stickers set, which will be accessible to components without the need to add them to their panel. Larger groups on the other hand, will now better follow mentions and answers, thanks to a button with the "@" symbol placed inside each chat and equipped with a counter which is reset when everyone has seen the mention or the answer.

In new list for invitations to Telegram, friends who in turn have a greater number of contacts who already use the application, will come put on top and they will follow the order decreasing.

The current update also features others smaller news which we summarize in this list:

  • Twitch videos are now supported in an in-app player, you can now watch Twitch streams in mode Picture-in-Picture while you are chatting with your contacts;
  • Voice calls now have a indicator the quality of the transmission;
  • When you want to forward a message, you can now touch longer to select more than one contact
  • When you view the photos in the "shared media" section, you can view the chat message with which they were shared
  • If you have many messages in many active chats, synchronization will happen much faster.

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