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New PhotoShop, not just Mac OS X

New PhotoShop, not only Mac OS X logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new version of PhotoShop should not run exclusively on Mac OS X. That the next update will also be compatible with the classic environment is understood by the words of Brian Lamkin. Adobe's vice president during an interview with Macworld UK, confirming that his company is busily working on the carbonization of the leading product in digital photo editing, announces that "the new version will support its Mac OS X than Mac OS 9". The detail is not irrelevant. Other companies, including for example Microsoft with Office, made the choice to abandon the classic environment when converting their applications to Carbon. Although this step is probably appreciated by Cupertino for the fact that it pushes users to migrate definitively to the new OS, it can put some of the users of older systems in difficulty or those who prefer to remain anchored, for reasons of compatibility with peripherals or programs , to the classic system.

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