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New iPhone, here are all the component suppliers

As the presumed day for the presentation of the new iPhone approaches, rumors and rumors of components and construction processes are recurring from the east. Today the DigiTimes website has published a complete table of the main components of the new Apple smartphone, accompanied by the name of the (alleged) companies that build them.

Among the components we note the main memory for the storage of NAND flash data made by Samsung and Toshiba, the DRAM DDR memory for the operation built by Samsung, other types of NOR flash memory by Numonyx and Serial Flash by Silicon Storage Technology. As regards radio technologies, the reference manufacturer Infineon (baseband) as well as for A-GPS and also for power management, while the amplifiers are built by TriQuint (WCDMA) and Skyworks (GSM EDGE). The motherboard made by Unimicron (Nanya PCB), while the construction by OmniVision for the 3.2 megapixel sensor seems to be confirmed, while the camera lens of the company Largan Precision.

DigiTimes created the list based on the information on the items circulating among oriental workers. Compared to the current versions of the iPhone, the main names Samsung and Toshiba for memories are confirmed, Infineon for radio and GPS transmissions, finally the rumors of the beginning of March also seem confirmed, about the 3.2 megapixel CMOS sensor of OminiVision.

There remains only one important excluded from the list of essential shopping for the construction of the new iPhone, namely the main processor. In the first EDGE version and in the following 3G version, the CPU built by Samsung is based on the ARM architecture. Although some rumors believed the adoption of the new Marvell PXA168 processor possible, several observers from the Apple world believe that Cupertino could adopt a new updated and improved version of the current processor, once again built by Samsung.