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New G4 (maybe) next week

New G4 (maybe) next week logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacUser UK corrects itself. No new G4s within the current week. The new Pro desktops will arrive no earlier than next week. According to the online version of the English newspaper, the delay would have been essentially due to Apple's inability to free the channels from the machines present in them in time. to make room for new products.In reality it must be said that since last week, at the time of the announcement, it could be assumed that the date of January 22 was a little too optimistic.Apple only a little before Macworld extended the offer for the discount of up to 500 euros for the purchase of the G4 and LCD monitor. In addition to this, the Cupertino online store proposed for those looking to buy a G4 delivery times of at least seven days that have become just yesterday 10. All signs that would let us imagine that if there are new G4s, these will only come next week, if not at the beginning of February. The launch of the desktops, which according to some sources would be characterized by a 1 GHz version, could take place with a press release similar to that of the Titanium upgrade. At least for now, an event for the press is excluded.

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