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New fine expected for Apple in France for anti-competitive practices

Apple will once again have to face the French authorities to counter allegations of anti-competitive behavior. These days, in fact, there is talk of a new fine that could be imposed on Apple in France during the day of Monday March 16.

The report released by Reuters explains that the sanction will concern "Apple's anti-competitive behavior in its distribution and sales network". What exactly it means is not clear, but it is possible that it refers to behaviors implemented in the App Stores. Apple has always denied any wrongdoing or anti-competitive behavior.

In June 2019, the French competition authority (FCA) published a report stating that some aspects of the company's sales and distribution practices in France violate French competition law. For this Apple pending the FCA's decision, which could culminate in a fine.

fine apple france

This is the second fine that French regulators will impose on Apple in 2020. In February, it was announced that France fined Apple for $ 27 million because of battery management features that slowed the performance of dated iPhones for the purpose. to prevent unexpected arrests. The story is now known, but for those who have forgotten it, we will refresh your memory.

In February, Apple released iOS 10.2.1 without informing users that in the presence of a battery with degraded capacity, the operating system slows down the speed of the processor to avoid sudden freezes of the smartphones. This feature was only discovered later and Apple apologized to all users in December 2017, offering replacement with a new battery at the reduced price of $ 29 throughout 2018 and introducing tools in iOS to monitor battery health and allow users to disable iPhone slowdown.

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Although the function was introduced to ensure the correct functioning of the terminals in the presence of a degraded battery, the authorities of numerous countries and associations that protect consumers did not welcome the initial absence of communication from the company: this led to measures and fines in different countries, Italy included.

Reuters says details of Apple's latest fine in France could be announced as early as Monday March 16th.

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