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New features discovered in iPhone 3.0

marzo 17, 2020

As the developers become familiar with the new iPhone OS 3.0, new functions not yet active and hidden within the code are brought to light. The discoveries circulating on the Net today do not concern fundamental functions of the system but consist of a series of tweaks and improvements that allow you to more easily use the functions of your smartphone and customize its appearance and services.

Among the main innovations reported by AppleInsider we mention the possibility for the user to activate and deactivate the three different types of push notifications that will come into operation with iPhone OS 3.0 and the software written to work with the new system. A new Notifications item appears on the iPhone and touch settings screen. Selecting it, a screen appears where you can disable notifications through sounds, written warnings and badges superimposed on the program icons. The user can choose to disable all types of notifications, or to leave one active and disable the other. These settings allow you to reduce energy consumption.

The second novelty concerns the ability of Apple's multi-touch paperbacks to recognize data concerning physical addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers within some programs. In the current version of iPhone OS 2.x it is necessary to store these data and re-enter them for example in a new contact: with the new OS 3.0 this information appears already underlined. One click is enough to quickly perform the actions associated with that type of information.

As regards the improvement of use, the new OS allows you to close all the active Safari windows while, when the last available window is also closed, a new white pagian is automatically opened, ready to navigate where the user wants .

Finally, the developers have identified several PNG images within OS 3.0 that allow you to view the remaining battery charge differently. It is not yet possible to know if this function will be made immediately available by Apple, in any case the elements to provide the service are already present in the system. The user can choose between the graphic indication, such as the current one, or only numeric followed by the percentage sign%, finally a mixed display with number and graphic indicator.

Recall that in recent days other novelties of a certain importance have already appeared from the analysis of the operating system, among them also the possibility of shooting and editing movies.