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Motorola, losses in the quarter

Motorola, losses in the quarter logomacitynet1200wide 1

Fourth consecutive quarter in red for Motorola. The Schaumburg company announced today that the last fiscal quarter ended with losses of 90 million dollars compared to a profit of 362 million dollars in the same quarter of last year. For Motorola, the turnover on the course of the year: 29.5 billion dollars against 36.8 billion in 2000. The losses over the 12 months were 697 million dollars against a profit of 2 billion dollars for 2000A weighing on the budget, once again, would have been in particular the semiconductor sector, the one that deals with producing Apple PPCs. The drop in turnover in this segment was 41% during the fiscal quarter. Overall, the semiconductor division represents a cost of $ 335 million for Motorola against a profit of $ 171 million last year. According to Motorola managers, the year just ended was the worst in history for the technology sector and in particular for semiconductors.Remember that in recent months Schaumburg has explicitly mentioned plans to sell the semiconductor division, without specifying the circumstances under which this would be divested.

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