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Motorola closes chip plants

Motorola closes chip plants logomacitynet1200wide 1

Motorola may shut down other chip manufacturing plants. The same company from Schaumburg communicated this during the tax report that is underway in these hours. According to the managers of the company there will be four factories that will close their doors in the next 15 months, a measure that is part of the project to reduce costs in the bloody, for leaks, semiconductor sector. The plants in question are a plant for the production of silicon wafers and three plants for the assembly and testing of processors. In all, eight plants for the manufacture of wafers and two for the assembly and testing of processors will remain in operation. The resulting staff cuts will be 2,500, but this is a number already included in the previous announcements of a reduction in the workforce. At the end of the restructuring process, the company will have 24,000 employees in the semiconductor sector compared to the 34,000 that it had at the beginning of 2001

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