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Momit Smart Thermostat review: smart, compact, multiplatform and multi sensor

Momit is a relatively new name in the panorama of companies that deal with thermoregulation: as often happens in the IOT world, companies with innovative ideas that consolidated names and with great experience reach the general public first. In this case it is a Spanish startup, now become "adult", which has seen in the universe of smartphone-assisted home automation a way to introduce a product that is unique on the market.

Momit Smart Thermostat is in fact a small computer hidden inside a thermostat and fully self-sufficient both for connection to the web and for programming thanks to a touch screen and a navigable interface through which you can manage any parameter and especially take advantage of the sensors on board to automatically manage some of the options that are still exclusive to this model and the next model that we will try soon.

The various ways of displaying temperatures on Momit SmartThe various ways of displaying temperatures on Momit Smart

The packaging

The packaging of the Momit Smart, at least in the version that we opened several months ago very spartan although elegant. Inside we find the thermostat, the screws for fixing and the instructions that refer us to the website with all the instructions that are now also available in Italian. Compared to other smart thermostats that we have tried the support site is not so exhaustive and does not allow you to make all those compatibility and configuration checks that reassure the end user but in return the support via email in Italian very prompt and collaborative and the installation sufficiently simple.

The installation

As explained, this is a totally autonomous device that carries the gateway inside the box and must therefore be installed with the presence of two fundamental factors: a connection to the electrical network as well as the contact with the boiler and the presence of a Wi-Fi field that allows it allow programming and management from the web. While the first is a conditio sine qua non the second is completely optional, given that thanks to the touch screen the thermostat is completely independent.

In any case, it is advisable to resort to an electrician and disconnect the power from the system and, if not available, bring the electrical connection near the boiler activation cables: the soliton operation is difficult or expensive since the thermostat is placed near (or better above) normal sockets and switches but certainly not a job to leave to inexperienced DIYers.

Once connected to the power, you can immediately configure the thermostat by deciding on the screen the name of the system, the type of connection (with username and password) to the home wi-fi network, the daily programming and the activation or not of the sensors on board.

When the thermostat has set all the connection data and will connect to the home Wi-Fi at that point it will be reachable from your smartphone or from the web thanks to access through the Apps or from a simple browser: you can thus proceed in parallel in the control and adjust daily programming is more easily regulated here in 15 minute steps.

The screen

As you can see from the images above, it is a screen with a not very high resolution, very readable from the distance with which the temperature data of a thermostat are observed and a little less when intervening for programming: Momit has chosen to use a Dec font and this makes navigation in an ultra-modern device somewhat obsolete and the interpolation due to the low resolution slightly annoying. However, this does not prevent it from being very simple to intervene on the parameters and even interact with the small virtual keyboard that appears when necessary to enter the email and password of the connection to the company's server or home wi-fi network.