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Moikit Seed, smart bottle connected to iPhone that pushes you to drink when necessary

In the vast world of the Internet of Things, the smart bottle, the Moikit Seed, could not be missing. The project, currently in the countryside on Indiegoo, takes advantage of the health attention that dominates in many environments, pushing to evaluate every aspect of daily life according to psycho-physical well-being.

Specifically, the Moikit Seed is a smart bottle that controls hydration: the gadget will track water consumption and will notify periods when you have not drunk enough, to remember the importance of taking liquids, a practice that affects many aspects of good fitness.

The calculation will be made based on water consumption, activity and also the external temperature. In addition, if the water you answered in the "old" bottle, the accessory will signal it, inviting you to refill with fresh water.

Moikit Seed

Among the other features of this interested smart gadget, we also report the insulating material, which allows you to keep fresh water up to 24 hours or a hot drink up to 12 hours, as well as the signaling of the temperature of the liquids contained, to avoid burns to the tongue.

All this information is transmitted through an intelligent cap, which includes a small LED display capable of communicating with users, and partially sensitive to touch, with an autonomy of approximately one year.

Moikit Seed

Finally, the information retrieved from the Moikit Seed integrates with other fitness and wellness apps, including Apple's own Health.

If the Moikit Seed tickles your curiosity and you are very attentive to hydration, the gadget available in the countryside on Indiegogo (starting from 99 dollars), where it has already far exceeded the funding objective: of the 20 thousand dollars required to bring the project to date, almost 455 thousand have been collected to date, and there are still 9 days to go until the end of the campaign.

Below the official video of the project.