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Microsoft Edge arrives on Android smartphones and tablets Download

In the past few hours Microsoft made two important announcements: the arrival of the browser Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS and a renewal of its Arrow Launcher launcher with new features and above all the name change as it is now available on the Play Store as Microsoft Launcher. The most interesting novelty is the Edge browser that will surely make all users who already use it happy Windows 10.

The Colossus of Redmond has revealed that it will soon launch its application on Android and iOS smartphones. The software giant has started a Beta Test Program for participants in the Windows Insider program which allows you to try a preview Edge Mobile. Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS will allow you to continue browsing the same pages on multiple devices. For example, it will be possible to open a certain link on the PC and continue browsing on your smartphone.

Microsoft Edge AndroidMicrosoft Edge: preview available on Android smartphones and tablets!

The browser also allows you to synchronize bookmarks, history and reading lists. available Reading View mode. This particular way of reading allows you to eliminate links, ads and other annoying things in an article that could distract you from reading, therefore it will allow you to focus only on the text.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge for mobile it will not allow you to sync tabs as it does with Google Chrome. Of course, the feature could come with a future update. Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 it has some advantages over Chrome, Firefox and other similar browsers. First of all, it has a cleaner interface, works faster with i HTML5 content and allows you to improve battery life on laptops compared to competitors.

Although certainly not the richest browser with add-ons, it is still catching up with Chrome and Firefox. Edge manages to work better with the various touch and zoom gestures, accessible via the trackpad on laptops with Windows 10. For those who intend to test the first beta of Microsoft Edge for mobile it is necessary to enroll in the Windows Insider program through this link.

Microsoft Edge Android

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