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MacBook: accessories not to be missed

By Lucia Resta Tuesday 17 March 2020

MacBook accessories

The MacBook our faithful companion both in work and in leisure and thanks to a careful choice of accessories we can adapt it to our needs, but also to our personality. There are in fact both useful gadgets and "beautiful" gadgets, which allow us to modify the "aesthetic" aspect of our laptop. So let's see some accessories for MacBook not to be missed.

Cover for MacBook

Universe rigid MacBook cover case

Let's start with the cover. Many do not think about it, but even the Macbook, just like an iPhone, can be changed in appearance thanks to the cover. In the image above you can see an example, the KEEC hard case with universe fantasy, but in reality there are finally patterns and infinite colors, to allow everyone to choose the cover that best suits their personality and make the MacBook a real and an extension of ourselves, which just looking at it expresses our way of seeing the world.

Case with handle for laptop

Bag for MacBook

The cover protects the MacBook from shocks, but when you go around it is not enough, you also need a "soft" case like the one we have chosen for Hseok in this beautiful blue, but there are also many other colors. The Amazon price of 29.99 euros and the reviews are all very good. This case has a handle and allows us to carry our laptop wherever we want, made of waterproof fabric and lined with plush fabric, while the metal zipper. It has a large nylon side pocket and additional space for other smaller devices such as mice, iPad mini, smartphones or other accessories.

MacBook support

MacBook support

Another accessory that certainly comes back always very useful is the support that allows you to keep your MacBook higher, so that you don't have to bend your head too much, especially if you use it to watch movies and TV series or to make video calls and video conferences. If, on the other hand, you also want to use it for work, you should also use an Apple Keyboard and a mouse.

Multiport USB-C to Digital AV Adapter

Multiport adapter

The USBC to digital AV multiport adapter with which you can connect your Mac or iPad Pro with USBC port to an HDMI monitor can also be very useful, and you can also use a standard USB device and a USBC charging cable. With this gadget you can duplicate everything you see on the MacBook screen on a TV or HDMI monitor.


Beats headphones

Finally, a gadget certainly indispensable both for working and for moments of leisure between music, movies, TV series and video games: these are headphones. We have chosen a beautiful model, the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 3 Wirelss in gray shade with golden details. Of course, you can also use them for iPad and iPhone. For instead prefer the earphones there are AirPods, even not original.