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La Smorfia: dreams and daily for Lotto on iPhone and touch

La Smorfia: dreams and daily for Lotto on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Even those who have never played Lotto cannot deny having thought at least on some occasions of an association between a particular detail of daily life or in the memory of a dream in combination with a number to play the lotto. People, objects, animals particular scenes that remain etched in our memory and that our attention has captured in everyday life or in the detail of a dream. The historic folk art that associates these special symbols with specific numbers to be played on the lotto bears the name of Smorfia and now available in digital version for iPhone and touch.

The program offers a full-bodied archive of over 50,000 entries that allow us to trace the lucky numbers from any detail that our memory can present us. The perfect solution for users who, while loving Apple paperbacks, do not mind taking a walk in the unconscious to try their luck. For those who do not remember the revealing detail of a dream or are unable to connect people and objects, the software offers the Sphere function. Represented with a drawing on the iPhone / touch screen, just shake the paperback to shake the spherical sibyl and thus immediately obtain a number to play.

We point out that the iPhone and Go developers developed La Smorfia as an open project: on the project website it is possible to know the history of development and the tutorials that step by step led to the realization of the program, in all respects in a real Object course -C and programming for iPhone and touch development.

The program requires Firmware 2.2.1, works on iPhone and touch: it can be purchased at a price of 1.59 euros starting from this page of the App Store.

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