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iTunes 8.1: Problems with older generation iPod shuffles?

iTunes 8.1: Problems with older generation iPod shuffles? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Several users complain of problems with the new iTunes 8.1 when it is used to manage and sync previous generation iPod shuffles. Most of the problems described concern podcast management. For example, when the user starts the transfer of podcasts to the shuffle, the message does not appear to warn if some elements are already present in the player's memory, with the consequence that the transmissions are duplicated.

Another inconvenience encountered by users was the failure to automatically reorder podcasts: in normal operation the new broadcasts were positioned at the top of the list, the most recent at the top. With iTunes 8.1, new podcasts remain in the alphabetical order generated when subscribing to podcasts. In previous versions of iTunes, by canceling the subscription to a podcast, all data and files related to that podcast were automatically removed from the player's memory. With iTunes 8.1, users declare that files remain in the memory of the player until they are manually deleted.

Finally, with the new iTunes it is impossible to play the music and files stored in the shuffle when it is connected to the Mac. The drawbacks of the combined iTunes 8.1 and previous iPod shuffle are described in several posts available on this page of the Apple site dedicated to discussions

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