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iTunes 2.03 also in Italian

iTunes 2.03 also in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has released version 2.03 of iTunes for both MacOs X and MacOs 9.x and the latter now also in Italian. The update, which in the MacOs X version was already, as always, localized in Italian, presents some new features although not of absolute importance. According to the readme contained in the download (more than 8 MB) many refer to the use with iPod. For example iTunes 2.03 provides greater control when transferring songs from the computer to the MP3 player allowing you to upload only those chosen. Support for SoniBlue Rio One players and a tool to correct Unicode tags is also provided. According to Apple iTunes 2.03 it also has stability and performance improvements. Version 2.03 of iTunes for MacOs X available both via "Software Update "That via traditional download starting from the page of iTunes USA. The version for MacOs 9.x of iTunes 2.03 ITA has been present for some hours on the download page of the Apple Italy site

For those who want to use the English version, we recommend this link: Apple USA website download page

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