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ISTAT, always one step behind.

ISTAT, always one step behind. logomacitynet1200wide 1

When incandescent bulbs were the masters in anyone's homes, what could you find in the ISTAT basket? The candles. Now, in the last survey of the Institute's consumer prices, the list of items that make up the changed statistical structure. At the discretion of the minds of the upper floors of ISTAT, the item "subscription fee for internet connection ", to make room for the" swordfish "which, we are ready to bet on, many looked forward to the list of products in the basket … But beyond the choices, it would perhaps be worth explaining to those who make these decisions that free subscriptions to the web have existed for a little less than a year and that, on the other hand, a return to expenses for having high-level services has not been seen. Everywhere we read about the spread of ADSL and even fiber optic subscriptions. After the premature death of flat subscriptions on traditional analog lines, these remain the most reliable solutions for those who need quality connection, so the tendency is to return to making users pay for the network while it disappears progressively, or if nothing else, the relevance, of the "free" on the Internet. There are even those who are ready to bet that in a few months there will be few services available for free. The evil ones are legitimized to think that then, with bold decision and modernist spirit, ISTAT will think instead of replacing the "swordfish" with the "floppy disk". At that moment we can not fail to remember that since the candles disappeared from the ISTAT basket, these are back in fashion, colorful, large, small, fragrant …

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