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iPhone with HD video coming soon?

The next iPhone will have native high definition video support. This is the anticipation of, a relatively new site in the indiscretions sector of the Apple terminal but which has a long tradition in the telephony sector.

The rumor arises, explains the site, from the request made by Apple to its dealers for the liquidation of the component and composite cables that are used to connect Cupertino's travel devices with TV equipment. According to, the provision would have to do with the release, planned for the launch of the new iPhone, of a single cable capable of connecting the phone to a composite and component high-definition TV; the accessory will allow you to simplify the offer and connect both high definition TV and simple definition TV.

The hypothesis of an iPhone (and then an iPod touch) capable of reproducing videos in high definition at 720p or 1080i, a reliable hypothesis. Competition is all pointing in that direction; even Microsoft, as reported by Macity in recent days, is working for a Zune HD and it would be quite unlikely that Apple was not thinking about it.

The arrangement imagined by on the system with which iPhone should work for high definition content is less convincing, at least at first glance. According to the online magazine, the phone would turn into a kind of Apple TV, bridging a computer and a TV, via iTunes, or by storing the contents directly on the phone. How this system supports the contents that, presumably, will be purchased from the iTunes store in the drawing elaborated by the unclear site. Currently all the high definition movies and TV series sold by the store are protected with HDCP supported by the new Mac and Apple TV via HDMI and via MiniDisplay Port; a component or composite cable that cannot support content protection via HDCP and therefore the video on TVs should be in SD definition or simply could not be played.

It is no coincidence that the Xbox, cited by, as a reference example, not able to play movies in high definition except through the HDMI connection; the component cable is only for high definition video of games.

If there really will be an iPhone and an iPod in high definition or Apple finds a solution for a connection protected by HDCP (which can not be a simple Component cable but only a minidisplay port cable or an HDMI cable), or the HD videos must remain inside to the iPhone without the possibility of being played on an external display. The situation would be different if the only purpose was to connect the iPhone to a high definition TV or the unification of the two cables, but in this case the structure to be imagined would be totally different.