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Intocircuit, the portable battery that is believed to be a lipstick

Intocircuit the battery that in size and shape resembles a lipstick, which fits perfectly in your pocket, but which offers 3000 mAh to recharge your smartphone. Light, low weight and torch function are the points to the advantage of the battery, which finds in the price a single negative point. It costs 16 euros and can be purchased directly on Amazon Italy.

The Intocircuit battery measures just 9.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm and weighs just over 75 grams: in your pocket, or better yet in your bag, you hardly feel it. Particular the shape, which recalls those of a common women's lipstick, while on one of the two faces there is the USB output, the MicroUSB input and a small white LED, which transforms the battery into a portable flashlight. The button on the long side, on the other hand, is used to turn on the battery and to show its remaining charge thanks to the three blue LEDs. The shape allows you to hold it in your hand securely and without any problem, even when the smartphone is being charged and you are using it. In the sales package, in addition to the USB-Micro USB cable, there is also a practical travel case, well made and very nice, useful for storing the power bank, but also other small items.

The battery limit, basically, given by the low power, at least compared to the heavier and more bulky power bancks: of the nominal 3000 mAh we were able to really deliver just over 2000, just enough for a full charge of iPhone 6. The battery, for , failed to fully recharge Android smartphones equipped with an internal high capacity battery, n served the purpose when connected to an iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, the 1A output does not allow quick recharges, nor could it be of great help when you connect tablets of any kind. In addition, after about half an hour of charging, the battery tends to heat up a lot, even if it sets itself to cool down very quickly when you disconnect it from the external device.

In short, it is a purely emergency source of energy, which can be used in most cases to extend the life of the right terminal in those situations where you are on public transport or traveling. Suitable for those who do not want to carry heavy ballast when on the move, do not need to recharge the terminal several times, nor to recharge different devices at the same time: for these purposes it will be necessary to look at well-made power banks, certainly more bulky and heavy.

IMG_20150928_130301 "width =" 620 "height =" 465 "srcset =" 1024w, https: //www.macitynet. it / wp-content / uploads / 2015/10 / IMG_20150928_130301-480x360.jpg 480w, 420w, https: // 1185w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px "src =" https: //www.macitynet. en / wp-content / uploads / 2015/10 / IMG_20150928_130301-1024x768.jpg "/></p><p><strong>Conclusions</strong></p><p>3000 mAh Intocircuit has its particularly small size and negligible weight; a valid choice, however, only if you really consider it as an emergency source and not a peripheral capable of charging the same device several times. The possibility of transforming it in a click into a small LED flashlight certainly a positive element, which makes the battery preferable to many others of the same kind; shame then for the price, which does not fall the lowest in the category.</p><p>It costs 16 euros and can be purchased from Amazon directly at this address.</p><p><strong>PRO</strong></p><ul><li>Weight and size</li><li>Torch function</li><li>Travel case included</li></ul><p><strong>VERSUS</strong></p><ul><li>It heats up a lot</li><li>Price</li></ul><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=