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Internet of Things: attention, the snoops could be around the corner

Internet of Things could prove dangerous without the necessary precautions; to reveal it, through Ars Technica, the search engine Shodan, which shows how easy it is to actually enter the homes of any user, through certain cameras connected to the network. Surprising to note that these are search engines accessible to most, totally free and that do not require special technical knowledge. In short, those who intend to "wallpaper" the house with connected devices would do well to check the safety of all the installed devices.

That it is a webcam to monitor children or their office, the Internet of Things search engine (IOT) has shown how easy it is to give free access to spies or attackers. Many of the current systems have proven to be truly vulnerable, with just a few clicks being enough. If on the one hand the ease with which the search engine has allowed access to the web cams installed in any home is disheartening, on the other hand it is really frightening to think that the connected objects can achieve purposes opposite to those for which they are born: the controller becomes, in turn, controlled.

Even more worrying to note that users do not care about security at all: researcher Dan Tentler reported to the same source that connected webcam manufacturers are competing to offer gadget cameras at lower prices than in the past, with first-rate features, cutting right on security. From this it follows that any attackers, not only could easily enter our homes, but could exploit the signal to launch DDoS attacks.

Obviously, in some countries strict laws apply to manufacturers of webcams or connected devices: the Federal Trade Commission in the United States has used a heavy hand with companies that have not invested to make their networks, products or services objectively secure. In Italy it is difficult to think of legislation ad hocotn short times, but it is still possible to protect yourself in other ways: online, under the motto "I Am The cavalry", a group of researchers is developing a simple rating system for consumer IOT devices, basing the votes on different criteria, including which is that of security.

Ultimately, consumers need to understand and know the possible flaws of poorly protected devices and services, looking for safer products, without paying too much attention to savings.

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