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Intel prepares the escape route from Itanium

marzo 17, 2020

Intel prepares the escape route from Itanium logomacitynet1200wide 1

Itanium is struggling to take off and Intel is preparing an emergency plan to allow a soft landing to its plans to conquer the high-end server segment, according to some sources close to Intel itself, according to which the project would envisage implementation of a sort of "machine" for 64-bit applications in the next generation of Pentium series processors. The new generation of chips, codenamed Prescot, was initially intended to be a simple evolution of current desktop processors, thus capable of running applications 32 bit. But Intel is now looking for ways to get Prescot to interpret 64-bit instructions as well. At the moment it is unclear whether Intel has managed to find a way to accomplish such a project. It is not even known if it is only something still on paper or has already been experimented in some way, but if it were true it would be an implicit recognition on one side of the difficulties, if not of the failure, of the Itanium project, on the other the goodness of the choice of the competitor AMD that with its Hammer will release a processor compatible with both 32 and 64 bit instructions. Intel's greatest difficulty in offering Itanium on the market, as well as performance not at the level of those offered by the competition essentially represented by Sun, precisely in the incompatibility with 32-bit applications that forces companies that adopt that type of processor to completely modify their software assets. An economically very demanding choice that has so far had few admirers. In the third quarter of 2001, only 500 servers with Itanium were sold by Intel partner companies.

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