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Intel: new Pentiium III-M

Intel: new Pentiium III-M logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel has released the Pentium III-M in speeds of 850MHz and 860MHz. The processor is an interesting variant with low consumption and low voltage. Also interesting is the availability of a very low consumption 750MHz variant (designed for mini-notebooks). The standard Pentium III-M can operate at a maximum speed of 1.13GHz; the PIII for desktop machines, on the other hand, can reach 1.4GHz. The Pentium 4, however, continues to be available only for desktop machines (it needs very powerful power supplies, large cooling fans and takes up a lot of space, factors that prevent it from being used in laptops) .Intel while waiting to solve heat problems , occupied space and power supply of the Pentium IV has released an improved version of the "small" Celeron Mobile. The latter is now available with 256K of second level cache memory (twice the previous L2 cache) and in versions from 1.06, 1.13 and 1.20GHz. A good step forward compared to 850MHz of the previous versions. (By Newton)

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