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Instagram: the answers come with the reactions to the images received in …

Under everyone's eyes, Instagram been at the center of several news this year. With the Nintendo to increase the interest of users to the famous social network, various features have been introduced such as stickers based on your position, news stories, 3D masks in direct and other features.

Now it seems that Instagram is also focusing its attention on direct messages, giving the opportunity to more interaction with photos in the answers. In our opinion, this move is also consistent with the nature of social media, which is mainly based on images.

Instagram: from now on you can react to the photos received in direct messages

Hence Instagram, will allow you to to react to images sent in direct messages. Baster plug the appropriate button to reply, placed under the image you received in order to be able to send your "response image". To make the new function special, the fact that the image to which it responds is incorporated in the photo of your answer, giving users the opportunity to indulge themselves creatively.


It will only be possible to reply to messages with permanent images, or imported from user gallery. If the camera icon, integrated in the Instagram direct messages section, is used, messages will be sent self-eliminate to which it will not be possible to reply. Replies with photos are also temporary messages, so you will not be able to create infinite threads of replies with images.

Are you interested in the idea of ​​being able to add your reaction, as a response to a photo received? What do you think of the evolution that Instagram is going through? Let us know, as usual, in the comments below!

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