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Instagram: it will be possible to host a contact in a live streaming

marzo 17, 2020

Live streams are now a popular source with which, in addition to communicating, creating content, and for that reason Instagram he uses them as the fulcrum of his own social evolution. Today, in fact, the possibility of communicating in live video has been announced with your contacts. The functionality is very easy to use, thanks to the special icon located in bottom right of the screen, characterized by two smiley faces.

It will be possible to share the live through Instagram stories

Once you have touched the small icon, just select the "add”By choosing the desired contact later, being thus immediately able to start one live session on Instagram with a friend of yours. Once streaming begins, the screen will be divided in half, showing the contact in the lower part and your image in the upper part.

It will be possible attend the live broadcast, in case they are contacts that you follow. When it happens, two will be displayed search overlapping in the story bar, by touching them it will be possible to enter live streaming, and comment in the classic way of Instagram.


Whoever starts the live streaming, will be able to to interrupt the direct when it deems it appropriate, removing also the guest. The contact with which you speak, may in turn freely abandon the live broadcast. Once finished, whoever started the live will be able to publish it through the stories Instagram or permanently delete it.

The new live broadcasts with the contacts are currently in the process of roll-out on iOS and Android, just install the latest version of the app from the Play Store and wait for the new icon to appear.

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