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In the UK, it is difficult to dispose of iPhone 3G in stock

In the UK, difficulties in disposing of iPhone 3Gs in stock logomacitynet1200wide 1

Enhanced advertising campaign and subscriptions with lower monthly fees in order to get iPhone 8GB and 16GB for free: all the strategies implemented in the United Kingdom by the O2 operator and the associated chain Carphone Warehouse do not seem to give the desired results. According to an anonymous employee of the chain of stores specialized in telephony, Carphone Warehouse has not yet managed to dispose of iPhone 3G stocks: the Telegraph has reported the news.

The source of Carphone Warehouse claims that the price cut did not cause changes in the number of smartphones sold. The reason? "Nobody buys the phone because everyone believes that Apple will launch a new terminal this summer." Again according to the Telegraph, things are better for the O2 operator who has always held the exclusive rights to market iPhones in the UK, even if the mobile operator has refused to quantify sales.

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