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In the new G4 GeForce4 chips?

In the new G4 GeForce4 chips? logomacitynet1200wide 1

In other news, in today's edition, we report rumors of "delays" in the launch of the new G4. Here, however, we record a news published by Go2Mac that claims to have received the "real" specifics of the G4 upgrade. According to the site, which reports a probable (?) Message from a reader who works at an Apple center that by mistake he posted the characteristics of the machines on an internal server, the new G4 would be three, one 800 MHz, one 933 MHz and one 1 GHz with dual processor. The mid-range and high-end versions would have the solid Superdrive; the 800 and 933 MHz 256 MB of Ram and the dual 512 MB processor. The most interesting aspect would be Apple's choice for acceleration cards. The 800 MHz version would have a Radeon 7500, in fact a renewed version of the Radeon, the 933 and 1 GHz models would instead mount the GeForce4 MX. Beyond the "spilt" between Nvidia and ATI of the range, it raises questions (and wanting also some questions about the veracity of the indiscretion) the possibility that Apple will launch two models with GeForce4 graphics processors. The chips, codenamed N-25, will only be officially unveiled on February 4 with a special event in San Francisco. If Apple really intends to launch the new G4 it could be forced to do so after that date. In addition to this, one wonders if Apple, if for no other reason for costs, could not use, instead of GeForce4, GeForce3 which remain more than valid processors and with a price that even after the launch of the next version, will suffer a cost reduction, on the other hand, it should also be noted that if Apple could really make the use of GeForce4 congruous in all respects (timing and costs) it would have a good marketing tool to promote the new PowerMacs.

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