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In iPhone OS security bug

In iPhone OS security bug logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mac security expert Charlie Miller has unveiled a new vulnerability in the iPhone OS that allows attacks to be performed remotely via shellcode, with codes and instructions via the command line. The discovery was significant because until now most of the security experts considered it impossible to execute instructions via shellcode on original iPhones.

Charlie Miller, whom we remember won the CanSecWest victory for two consecutive years by penetrating Mac OS X and Safari, demonstrated in public at Black Hat Europe the possibility of starting codes and instructions via shellcode on an original iPhone. The flaw allows the attacker to perform any type of operation, to take control of the smartphone and steal personal user information. However, the threat is not immediate because in order to launch this type of attack, a bug must be exploited within the programs that run on the iPhone, and a vulnerability of this type has not yet been identified.

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