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iKitty, Tamagotchi feline inside iPhone and iPod touch

A cat that lives inside iPhone? An uncomfortable and unhygienic place to put on a pet, but the world of developers, you know, is doing miracles and succeeded in this too, transforming the kitten into computer code.

iKitty, this is the name of the program we are talking about (on sale on the App Store at 79 cents) a kind of Tamagotchi starring, in fact, a cat. Like its Japanese predecessor produced by Bandai, the cat developed by the German The Binary Family has the only purpose of its life to be there, to be maintained by you. You will therefore have to feed him, pamper him and make him happy; you can pet him, give him croquettes, scratch his ears and do all those things a cat likes. What you don't have to do is the things a cat hates and if you have young children at home or just had a cat while you were a kid yourself, you know what we're talking about: things like pulling his tail or sticking his fingers in his eyes or maybe beat him from here and there.

One of the funniest parts of iKitty based on the accelerometer. The cat can not only be placed from the supine to the prone position, but it can be quite agitated. As well as making animal lovers very angry at the thought of it, it will make your virtual cat very nervous that it will react, meowing irritably. In the end if you have been particularly insistent the cat will be gone and in its place there will be only the box with sand and to get it back you will have to clean up its needs with your fingers. But if you have been really perfidious then the program will close and for half an hour, since cats are touchy animals, you will no longer have a way to get your pet back.

In the future iKitty will also be able to interact with other cats, you will have catnip to make him even happier, you will have to deal with fleas and take care of his fur too.

Ultimately a game that is not exactly such, but that entertains and entertains above all for the animations that are nice (the effect produced by shaking the iPhone is really funny; it really seems that someone is literally shaking a cat) and the cartoon design. Suitable for younger children to whom you want, why not, to teach how to treat an animal but also for all those who want to spend a few minutes in joy, perhaps to show friends some of the features of the iPhone: touch screen and accelerometer in particular and what can be done with them.

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Below is a video that allows you to see iKitty at work.