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II new G4 with SOI processors

II new G4 with SOI processors logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new Motorola processors mounted by the PowerMacs represent an important qualitative leap for the Schaumburg company. The chips, in fact, while maintaining the same architecture as the previous ones, implement a series of innovations including the most important the use of SOI, Silicon On InsulatorSOI, designed by IBM and used in the PPC 750FX (not used, for now, by Apple ), a high-performance insulation system that allows in one time to reduce consumption and increase presences. The first processors to use it in the Motorola environment, as mentioned are the MPC 7455 and precisely these would be those used by Apple. a must because Cupertino as usual does not disclose the processor models used on its motherboards but it is not unreasonable to think that these are the chips used in the Powermacs, if only because today Motorola has released a statement that clarifies the specifications and features.The chips are compatible at the Pin level (and therefore also of motherboards) with the previous versions, have a consumption of 1.6V, 256MB of second level cache ello directly on board and support up to 2 MB of third level cache. Note that there is also a reduced consumption version, this is the MPC 7445 which requires 1.3V at 800 MHz and the first candidate to finish within a renewed future Titanium. The 7455 version available today; the 7445 currently in limited distribution for testing purposes for manufacturers.

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