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How to use split-screen multitasking on Samsung One UI | …

The new Samsung Galaxy S10, like any self-respecting top of the range, equipped with a large display that reaches the size of 6.4 inches in the S10 + variant. Which makes it perfectly ideal for using the split split screen multitasking mode Samsung One UI.

Samsung One UI: how to use split-screen multitasking

The split-screen multitasking mode on Samsung One UI allows you to comfortably and quickly use it two apps of our choice simultaneously.

To use it, you have to do it first open the app you want use in split-screen. Once the latter is open, touch or scroll when you have activated the navigation gestures, the button related to task manager.

Samsung One UI

Now scroll to the right, to view the last opened app. In Samsung One UI, the app opened before the current one is displayed by default in the task manager.

Samsung One UI

Now press and hold the app icon, located at the top of the preview, until the scrolling menu is shown. Then tap the itemOpen in split-screen.

Samsung One UI

Once done, the selected app will now appear at the top of the screen. Now scroll through the recent apps to select the other or use the Finder to search for an app not present among the recent ones, by writing the relative name in the search bar.

So now tap the second app, which you want to add to the second half of the Samsung One UI split-screen. The two apps will split by default, the exact half of the screen. However, you can act in the divider to adjust the size of each app at will.

Samsung One UI

To exit split-screen mode, you can drag the divider completely down or up, touch the Home button or the X located at the top of the screen.

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