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How To Use Bixby Routines On Samsung Galaxy S10 | …

Routines of the assistant owner Bixby, present on Samsung Galaxy S10, are an interesting feature that make it possible automation of various actions on your device. For example, it will be possible to set a morning routine, which will automatically recall information about the weather and calendar, at the preset time.

Bixby Routine: what they are and how they work

The Bixby Routines of the Samsung Galaxy S10 are essentially the version of the famous IFTTT app, re-proposed by the Korean house. You will be able to configure the routines that they can be activated based on a specific location, event or time. Bixby routines take advantage of automatic learning, so as to be able to suggest routines based on the preferences of use of the smartphone, including specific apps used at a specific time or place.

For example, when your Samsung Galaxy S10 does connect via Bluetooth to your car, you can set a routine that automatizzer the launch of your favorite music player, setting the desired volume and possibly reading the incoming notifications.

Samsung Galaxy S10

If, on the other hand, you often use the navigator, you can make sure that your routine is set up to open Maps as soon as you connect to your car. There is also a particular routine for the battery saving, which suspends several functions of your Samsung Galaxy S10, in case you forget to charge it overnight. It will also be possible customize the time period, in order to activate the function in one specific window where the device should be charging.

By programming a number of routines on your Samsung Galaxy S10, through the Bixby assistant, you will be able to speed up all actions which you usually perform manually on your smartphone, saving considerably time.

How to use Bixby routines on Samsung Galaxy S10

To program a routine via Bixby, on your Samsung Galaxy S10, all you have to do:

  • Open the Settings of the telephone;
  • Scroll down to find and touch the item Advanced functions;

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Enable the toggle relating to the item Bixby routine;
  • Then tap Bixby routine to set up a routine;
  • Search for the one that suits you best among the preset ones or touch the button "+", located in the upper right corner, for set one manually;

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Add the name of your new personalized routine;
  • Then touch the "+" key, located in the center of the screen, to set the specific time in which the routine will have to be activated, selecting the function to be connected from the list;

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Then tap Come on and then the "+" key to select the action that will be activated automatically;
  • Once the routine to be programmed is completed, touch the key "End";

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • You should now be able to see your new routine on the tab "My routines", which will now be automatically activated based on how you have programmed it.

This all! Have fun programming others and automating the most frequently performed actions on your Samsung Galaxy S10!

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