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How to sync your fitness tracker with Google Fit | GUIDE

Google Fit the main app for the fitness tracking of the Mountain View house, perfect for keeping up with your goals and equipped with many features and tools able to keep track of all the physical exercises performed daily, accurately outlining the results obtained over time.

The best and most comfortable way to use Google Fit on the go, clearly that of wear a fitness tracker of any kind. The app supports many device models, including smartwatches and smartbands, from which to receive data relating to the current year. Through this simple guide, we will list you gods easy steps to sync your device with the Google fitness app.

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How to synchronize your Wear OS smartwatch with Google Fit

If you are in possession and are using a device Wear OS, the steps to sync it with the Google fitness app are very fast, what you need to do:

  1. Open Google Fit, download and install the app from the Play Store if you haven't already done so;
  2. Activate Bluetooth of your smartwatch, holding your device near the phone;
  3. Complete the initial setup to sync your device.

Done there, your smartwatch can already be used to track your exercise data by synchronizing automatically with the app.

How to synchronize your Xiaomi Mi Band with Google Fit

The fitness trackers produced by Xiaomi, have now become known in the sector thanks to products such as Mi Band 2 and the recent one Mi Band 3. The devices produced by the Chinese house work perfectly with Fit and also in this case, synchronizing them with the Google application very easy, here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the application Fit me; 2. Tap on your icon profile, placed in the bar at the bottom right; 3.Open the screen, scroll down and touch the itemAdd account;

Google FitGoogle FitGoogle Fit

4.Select Google Fit from the list; 5.Other screen will open where you will have to touch the buttonAdd Google Fit, placed at the bottom; 6.Log in with your Google Account; 7.Tap the button nowallow.

From now on Google Fit can receive all data recorded by your Xiaomi Mi Band.

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