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How to set up and use Google Assistant on smartwatch GUIDE

Google Assistant now present in any device equipped with the green robot operating system, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a smart TV or one smartwatch. Precisely on the latter, it is possible to use the assistant to speed up the execution of functions and obtain all the desired information. In this guide we will explain how to use it in the best way in this type of device.

Google Assistant: how to use it on smartwatch

A few months ago, in the usual and progressive update of its smartwatch operating system, that is to say Wear OS, or a special version of Android designed for wearable devices, Google has made some change that allowed the system to stay in step with the competition, mainly represented by Apple, currently the market leader.

Google Assistant

One of the pillars of Wear OS in fact, an accentuated and greater integration Google Assistant, on which the operating system it practically revolves around, in order to better familiarize users with the use of the latter in daily activities. Here's how to set it up and use it best.

Requirements for using Google Assistant on smartwatch

Before starting, you will need the following, namely:

  • The Wear OS app installed on your smartphone
  • Yours Google account linked to your smartwatch. What time have you not already done so, just go toSettings> Add an account> Accounts> Add Google account to connect.

Ways to use Google Assistant on your smartwatch

Exist two simple ways to use Google Assistant on the smartwach.

Google Assistant

1) Pressing and holding the power button you will see the message "Hello, how can I help you?", then being able to ask a question or say a voice command. On some smartwatch models, you can call the assistant by sliding your finger on the screen, from left to right.

2) Configure the device so that Google Assistant comes called up with the voice command "Ok Google". To do this, with the device active, swipe downwards and then go toSettings> Personalizationand activating the detection "Ok Google. Once done, every time you need to call the assistant again, just say the relative voice command, without the need to press any key.

Note however, that the function uses an extra battery p, for the microphone that must necessarily be kept active.

What questions can you ask Google Assistant

You will probably be familiar with Google Assistant by now, but being an assistant in continuous and obvious evolution, the new features with which it is enriched they are more and more, here are some of the most useful:

  • Should you need to have information about the current day, to obtain them you can pronounce the commands vocally "How's the traffic going?","How can I go to work by bicycle?","Will it rain tomorrow?".
  • For put you in contact with someone, possible to say "Call Mom","Send an email to Giovanna". These actions will be performed via the smartphone, unless you have a smartwatch compatible with the network protocol LTE, such as the Huawei Watch 2.
  • Other types of information such as: "How do you say thank you in Russian?","Who won the long jump gold medal at the 92 Olympics?".
  • Voice commands for activity such as:"Set an alarm at 8 in the morning","Make a reservation for tonight","Remind me to do the laundry when I get home","Create a note that says: buy milk". For these types of actions, it will be necessary have Google Keep, where these notes will be saved.

Are you used to using the controls and features offered by Google Assistant on your smartwatch? Let us know as always, below comments!

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