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How to see who no longer follows you on Instagram

It will have happened to everyone at least once while viewing their profile Instagram to note a strange difference in height between the number of people followed and their followers. In such a competitive app, which has started to be used by its users as a source of income, it is essential to identify who is interested in our content and updates and who instead does it only to obtain a "Follow" in addition. But how to see who is no longer following you on Instagram?

Often this abundance of new followers that then slowly disappear in the following days occurs when in the search section you start to scroll and like or when you are tagged in the famous hashtag "Follow x follow". Sometimes yours new followers they may be people who are genuinely interested in your shots and your lives, but very often strangers try to use this trick to get rich and gain followers.

Instagram followers gone? Here's how to unmask them!

So how to find out which users have stopped following us treacherously or have never returned your follow-up? Simple, follow this guide and in a short time you can have the situation of your Instagram profile under control. The procedures that will be treated only affect users Android so unfortunately the owners of iPhone they will have to find a solution elsewhere. If you are desperate and have so much time to devote to your research, you too can solve the problem with a simple one makeup.

In fact, to find out who has not returned your follow-up, especially when you have a doubt or suspicion about a specific person, you can enter their profile, followed users and type your name in the bar. If this appears on the list it means that that person is faithful to you and follows your interactions, otherwise you will have discovered the deception.

The best apps to find out who doesn't follow you on Instagram

In a technological era like the one we live in, every problem with our smartphone and related programs can be solved thanks to an app. Those to be used to identify people who do not reciprocate the "Follow" on Instagram they are very simple and intuitive, as well as perfectly functional. The best are certainly three:

  • Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete
  • Followers and Unfollower Analytics
  • Unfollowers

Specifically, in this guide we will illustrate the operation of only one of these apps, even if they generally follow all the same commands and indications, focusing on what is considered one of the most intuitive: Unfollowers.

How to see who no longer follows you on Instagram with Unfollowers

Unfollowers for Instagram, certainly has excessive promotion, with some advertising screens which can annoy them by appearing so often; but at the same time very fast in discovering all the names of users who do not reciprocate your follow or who have stopped following you over time.

How to see who no longer follows you on Instagram

Clearly this advertising is present because, like many free apps, there is one premium version for a fee, a payment of approx 5 €, which allow you to use its functions without promotional screens. Honestly this is not a recommended choice as the full version does not boast any substantial improvement over the free one.

We told ourselves we can immediately begin to explain how to use this simple app:

    • Download Unfollowers for Instagram from Play Store and, once the installation is complete, start it on your mobile phone;

Download Unfollowers for Instagram

  • The main screen will immediately appear where you will have to go and press the button with written on it "Connect with Instagram" to connect the application to your account;
  • Once logged in, click on your profile name and wait for the end of the scan which will allow the app to have access to your information and will therefore be able to analyze the interactions with other Instagram users;
  • Go to the section "Recent Unfollowers" to check immediately all those who have recently followed you, to attract you to reciprocate the follow, and then download you miserably a few hours or days later.
  • Select all the profiles you want to stop following by clicking the button "Unfollow" on the right to do some cleaning.

But not everything!

As you will be able to see once the app is downloaded, there is no lack of a convenient one multiple selection function to stop following those who don't follow you. Taking advantage of the section Not Followers you will also have a general overview not only of the people who have stopped following you but also of those who have never really reciprocated your follow.

These are the simple steps to follow in order to have your profile under control Instagram with Unfollowers. The other apps presented have a practically similar operation so that any solution to choose, at the end of the day you can clean up your profile from all the people who do not consider you important or have only used you to increase their counters.

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