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How to regulate Eco temperatures on a Nest thermostat | GUIDE

Nest thermostats, are smart home devices with which you can control the home heating, equipped with interesting smart functions, which allow you to increase efficiency and energy saving.

Among the latter, there are the Eco temperatures, which allow to obtain savings on the final consumption in the bill. But how to proceed to set them by adjusting the values ​​according to your needs? Follow this simple guide to know how !.

How to regulate Eco temperatures directly from the Nest thermostat

To regulate temperatures Echo directly from your thermostat, just touch the device so as to display the menu, then touch the latter from the item Settings and in the list that appears, scroll to find and touch the itemEcho.


Once you enter the relevant thermostat menu, you can turn the knob around the display, so that you can highlight and select the itemsIncrease to is Decrease to. When you are on one of these items, just press the thermostat to change the value, using the knob rotation, with which you can decrease it by turning left and increase it by rotating right. Then touch the thermostat again to confirm the setting.

When you are done, touch the itemend always by pressing your Nest thermostat.

How to regulate Eco temperatures from the Nest app for Android

What time would you like to set the Eco temperatures directly from your smartphone or other portable Android device, you just need it open the Nest app from the latter, therefore touching the thermostat icon (in the example renamed with living room).


Then touch the settings located at the top right, then going into the voiceEco temperatures, located at the bottom of the screen. Then act on the togglesby scrolling left or right to adjust the values ​​according to your needs.

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