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How to make a 3D photo on Facebook | GUIDE

Facebook has recently announced an interesting novelty concerning images, or the possibility of creating a sort of 3D effect, through the normal photos taken from your smartphone, with a very interesting result that returns a nice and tangible depth effect.

The new technology, presented by Facebook 360, will allow you to to share this new type of images with all your friends and acquaintances on the social network. The images made through normal shots of your smartphone, one "transformed" in 3D, will show one clear separation between the subjects in the foreground, those in the background and the background. By tilting the smartphone, the photo will show an effect called "parallax", which by tilting the image will make you feel the sense of depth.

How to create a 3D photo on Facebook

Create a 3D photo on Facebook, characterized by this interesting depth effect, very simple and requires few steps.

The first thing to do obviously take a photo with your smartphone or fish one from the gallery. Done there, create a new one post and in the list of functions related to the latter, where there are options for activities, stickers and GIFs, by going toother you should find the new function3D photo.

Select the photo to which you want to apply the effect, then selecting the buttonShareso that Facebook can apply the effect to the desired photo and publish it in the feed.

The 3D photos will be viewable by everyone in the feed, via smartphone, desktop browser and also Oculus VR viewers, for a more immersive experience. Here is a example of the final effect, of a photo taken by an Android developer from his smartphone. You can see the clear depth effect, obtained by parallax, simply by tilting the photo.

The new 3D photo feature is awesome.Starring: Lucky

Published by Leonardo Pirro on Thursday 11 October 2018

The new effect introduced by Facebook for photos, certainly something interesting that can revalue your images and your memories, making the picture more engaging.

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