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How to insert GIFs into your Instagram Stories

The GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) have long been known animations and widely used by all, although the type of use and the fields of application have changed over time; the great novelty represented by this format is the possibility of movement of the images that make use of it.

The success of GIFs

Despite the technological revolution that has taken place over the years and still in progress, these animations, rather simple and basic, still retain an importance that should not be underestimated even today; this testifies to the goodness of the idea and the format itself, particularly versatile and therefore predisposed to IT evolution.

The GIFs when they were created were characterized by a basic use and were exchanged via PC or mobile phones of the previous generation via Bluetooth or physical support, given the scarce Internet and low bandwidth present at that time, with the aim of preserving them and see them as images or small real videos.

In more recent times, as in the present day, the Animated GIFs they are used on the main social networks and in basic or advanced messaging systems; among these we should mention Instagram, the most popular social media at the moment, which combines numerous functions and also allows you to use these animations within your own Stories, with function of digital stickers (stickers).Gif Instagram Stories

Inserting GIFs into Instagram Stories: here's how

Add an animation to the sInstagram stories a very simple and intuitive operation; just tap the option that allows you to apply stickers to photos or videos, by selecting the GIF function, recently introduced. This operation is possible on your Android device (and not only) thanks to the collaboration and integration between Giphy and Instagram itself, without having to leave the app or use third-party programs.

In addition, during the selection of the animated image to be applied, we will be offered suggestions among those most in trend or those that potentially best adapt to the characteristics of the file on which we want to apply the stickers before publication in the Stories. Below we show you step by step how to apply GIF stickers to your multimedia content (also for Direct):

  1. Open theInstagram app on your device.
  2. Do 'tapβ€˜On the camera icon to start creating one new story.
  3. Create your multimedia file, photo or video, as you normally do.
  4. Select the icon indicating the possibility of applying a sticker.
  5. Among the stickers that will be offered to you choose GIFs.
  6. You can search for GIFs among the many present through the search function by keywords or topic of interest.
  7. Once the preferred GIF has been identified, it must be selected and then positioned on its own Stories in the area you prefer, with the possibility of adapting and modifying its dimensions and proportions to obtain a graphically optimal result.

Like all other Instagram stickers, GIFs can also be subject to editing, moving them, dragging them, rotating them, with the possibility of deleting them by dragging them to the trash icon; in the same way you can also enter pi GIFin the same story, also in combination with other filters and visual effects.

The correct use of GIFs and Stories

important to know what to apply GIFand other animations to your stories requires a video or slideshow conversion process that requires some data consumption, this factor to keep in mind especially if you have few Gigabytes for browsing. Although creating a story a rather simple and immediate process it is always useful to use a minimum of imagination to obtain a result that can have an impact for friends and followers. For this, the advice to always use common sense when choosing multimedia files to share, without exaggerating too much in the editing phase in order not to distort the beauty of the content itself.

You must always reflect before sharing the content and think if it can have a good influence on others and generate appreciation, given that this is one of the purposes of using a company such as Instagram. Taking care of your content is increasingly important in order not to lose or reduce your online reputation, which can be directly reflected in everyday life, both under the social aspect with the possibility of establishing new personal relationships and / or strengthening them and for what it concerns the working environment if you also use Instagram with this purpose and with the ambition to become a influencer established and successful.

GIF and other news announced by Instagram

In addition, the rumors that come from the ownership of the company more and more growing they announce the will to make improvements to the app and news for its users; to this end, the developers are working to guarantee users the possibility to upload photos and videos of any format and size, so as to offer as complete a support as possible.

This will also be possible thanks to the personalization by the user himself through the pinch to zoom function and the automatic affixing of a background combined with the file in question. The news announced for are not limited to this and the evolution of this company on the launching ramp only at the beginning, however the administrators prefer to maintain maximum confidentiality until there are definitive choices that will be communicated in due course through official notes.

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