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How To Disable AutoCorrect On Google Gboard | GUIDE

The automatic corrector proposed by the keyboard Google Gboard, undoubtedly represents a convenience that can increase the speed of writing, even if this type of software help does not always offer the right words when composing a text or message. It often happens, in fact, that when writing a particular sentence or word, the correction made by the keyboard is completely inappropriate.

So what would you like to do without this small inconvenience, which is part of the "against" list of the aforementioned software help proposed by Gboard, now also present in all other keyboards, it will fortunately be possible easily disable its function through the settings.

Obviously, deactivating this function also has its disadvantages, represented by the fact that possible typing errors that you will not notice they will no longer be corrected automatically, although Gboard will continue to highlight the errors by pointing them out and suggesting possible correct words.

Gboard: how to disable the automatic corrector

The first thing to do, go to the launcher of the apps and touch the Gboard icon, so as to directly access the preferences of the app. In case you have not activated the presence of the icon relating to the keyboard in the app drawer, you can alternatively press and hold the comma on the keyboard, which also acts as a shortcut for the settings menu.

Gboard "width =" 270 "height =" 480 "srcset =" 700w, 236w "sizes =" (max-width: 270px) 100vw, 270px "/></p><p>Once the settings window is opened, various items will appear with which you can customize the various functions and settings of Google Gboard. The voice that interests us in this case <strong>"<em>Correction text</em>"</strong>, which contains all the related options related to automatic correction.<img class=